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You May Still Snag a Free Update to Windows 10 – Here’s How

In example you’re looking to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 for free, you lot may move inwards luck, because unopen to reports advise that Microsoft’s ‘free upgrade’ offer, which officially ended inwards 2015, powerfulness soundless operate on unopen to machines alongside legitimate Windows licenses. According to Redditor u/newtekie1, Microsoft is soundless allowing complimentary upgrades from Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 to Windows 10, although, it’s non straightaway clear every bit to whether it’s intentional or but an oversight.

According to WindowsLatest, users tin larn their complimentary update past times downloading the Windows Media Creation Tool on the organization running a genuine re-create of Windows 7, eight or 8.1. Users volition thence ask to run the tool to download a re-create of Windows 10 as well as initiative of all the installation. Do banking company complaint that you’ll convey to move inwards your existing Windows license telephone commutation to move able to install Windows 10 without paying for the upgrade.

While nosotros haven’t had the chance to endeavor out the method ourselves, unopen to other Redditor, a self-proclaimed Microsoft engineer alongside the username u/CokeRobot, says they tin confirm the procedure plant and, is an intentional ploy from Microsoft to enable folks to migrate from older operating systems. According to them, “You soundless tin produce this no problem, yet … produce an upgrade keeping everything (because) if you lot direct to (wipe) everything as well as initiative of all fresh, you lot lose your complimentary upgrade”.

Since the thread got picked upwards past times the media, many others convey also started to claim that the procedure plant for them every bit well, but every bit mentioned already, we’re yet to endeavor this on whatever of our machines, but if you lot produce convey an older Windows car that you lot desire to upgrade to Windows 10, you lot tin hand this a endeavor as well as allow us know if it worked for you.