Minggu , Desember 15 2019

Here’s DxoMark List of Best Smartphone Cameras of 2019

2019 has been an incredible twelvemonth for smartphone cameras. Cameras equipped on most all the major smartphone brands are on par with each other to deliver a satisfying sense to customers. But, select you lot wondered which smartphone performs the absolute best when it comes to the cameras this year? …

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Meet the World’s First Modular Smartphone Powered by Blockchain

wpsso schema image for pinterest pin it button  Cuma Rp 2 Jutaan! realme 5s Hadir di Indonesia dengan Quad Camera 48MP

Do y’all intend smartphones are non innovating plenty these days? Well, BOB telephone mightiness brand y’all intend again. Blok on Blok (BOB) is the world’s outset modular smartphone powered past times blockchain technology. Pundi X, a decentralized offline cryptocurrency sales network is behind this BOB phone. Notably, the telephone was …

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8 Kelebihan dan 2 Kekurangan OnePlus 7 Pro yang Harus Diketahui

wpsso schema image for pinterest pin it button  8 Kelebihan dan 2 Kekurangan OnePlus 7 Pro yang Harus Diketahui

KlinikPintar – OnePlus secara resmi telah meluncurkan smartphone flagship terbarunya yang bernama OnePlus 7 Pro di dunia. Smartphone yang satu ini memiliki spesifikasi hardware dan fitur yang menarik bagi banyak orang. OnePlus juga telah membekali smartphone ini dengan baterai berkapasitas besar yang mempunyai daya tahan lama. Apalagi fitur pengisian daya …

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4 Aplikasi Yang Bisa Membantu Kamu Memilih Baju Lebaran di Tahun 2019

wpsso schema image for pinterest pin it button  4 Aplikasi Yang Bisa Membantu Kamu Memilih Baju Lebaran di Tahun 2019

[Ilustrasi Oleh Pixabay] KlinikPintar – Sebentar lagi lebaran tiba, namun apakah kamu sudah menyiapkan pakaian yang tepat untuk merayakannya? Jika belum atau masih bingung, aplikasi-aplikasi berikut bisa membantumu menyiapkannya. Selain sebagai sarana ibadah, lebaran juga menjadi ajang tahunan bagi umat muslim untuk menjalin silaturahmi dan sarana kumpul dengan kerabat, rekan, …

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Researchers Develop Method to Help Visually Impaired People Enjoy Memes

Memes are undoubtedly an indispensable business office of social media. Unfortunately, people amongst visual impairments are missing out on memes equally these images normally don’t include choice text to hold out picked past times enshroud reader software. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) convey developed a technique for automatically identifying …

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This App Brings iPod Classic Experience to iPhone

Remember the iPod Classic? An iOS developer has recreated the iPod sense past times developing an iOS app that brings the Click Wheel in addition to Cover Flow features of the iPod to iPhones. The projection is existence developed past times Elvin Hu, a blueprint educatee at Cooper Union college …

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Google Maps Now Shows You Warnings About Violent Incidents

Google is taking every possible footstep to brand the Google Maps platform to a greater extent than useful in addition to resourceful to its users. The platform of late gained back upwards for showing fierce incidents thus that you lot tin remain safe. The characteristic got spotted past times a …

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Meet OpenMoji, a Free and Open Source Emoji Set

Have you lot always wondered if a good-looking open-source emoji gear upwards exists? Check out OpenMoji, an emoji gear upwards alongside 3,180 emojis. According to OpenMoji’s website, the projection is the get-go open-source too independent emoji system. The projection is the team-effort of over l students too ii professors at the …

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Amazon Assistant Lets You Compare Prices from Amazon with Other E-Commerce Platforms

wpsso schema image for pinterest pin it button  Kelebihan dan Kekurangan realme 5s – Lebih “Spesial”?

Do y’all depository fiscal establishment gibe prices on multiple websites earlier finalizing the purchase? Check out Amazon Assistant, the e-commerce giant’s service that lets y’all compare prices of products on other e-commerce platforms amongst Amazon’s price then that y’all tin lav larn the best possible deal. Amazon Assistant is beingness …

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Clicker App Brings Native Disney+ Experience on macOS

Disney+ launched before this calendar month inwards diverse countries including the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, together with New Zealand. However, a native dedicated official app for the streaming service is non available on macOS together with therefore far. Hence, macOS users bring to purpose the service inwards the browser, …

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