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Huawei Can Still Become the Top Smartphone Brand Without Google : CEO

In an interview alongside CNN, Huawei’s founder in addition to CEO Ren Zhengfei expressed that Huawei tin buy the farm the world’s reveal 1 smartphone construct fifty-fifty without relying on Google’s software in addition to services.

He emphasized that proceeding without back upward from Google volition only increase the fourth dimension for reaching that goal. Notably, Huawei’s latest flagship Mate xxx series got launched without Google’s services a few months back.

Mr. Zhengfei made it clear that Huawei is willing to operate alongside Google if in that place is a possibility. However, he hinted that the Chinese smartphone giant is working on a “large scale” backup plan.

In illustration you’re unaware, Zhengfei is perhaps referring to Harmony OS, Huawei’s independent microkernel-based distributed operating organisation that volition back upward Android apps.

He acknowledged that the U.S.A. is all the same the close powerful province when it comes to innovation. In addition, he made a bold contestation that no province including Cathay tin overtake the U.S.A. inwards terms of project design for “decades to come.”

Meanwhile, Zhengfei too said that the U.S.A. merchandise ban province of affairs volition assist the ascension of competitors. “We volition get got to resort to alternatives. If those alternatives buy the farm mature, I intend it’ll buy the farm less probable to switch dorsum to previous versions,” he added.

It is worth noting that Huawei’s electrical flow U.S.A. merchandise ban province of affairs did non get got an touching on on its smartphone business. According to global question in addition to advisory theater Gartner, Huawei is the alone 1 of the top-five smartphone brands to laissez passer double-digit growth inwards smartphone sales inwards Q3 of 2019. The construct sold over 65 1000000 smartphones inwards the tertiary quarter of which 40.5 1000000 units were sold inwards China.

So, volition y’all regard buying a Huawei smartphone without Google’s software in addition to services? Let us know inwards the comments.