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Google Rolls Out Update to fix the Pixel 4’s 90Hz Display Issues

Google has today started rolling out an update that brings along a cook for the Pixel 4’s 90Hz display issues. If you’re non aware, before long later the Pixel iv was launched, users started discovering that the telephone was automatically switching to a measure 60Hz refresh charge per unit of measurement when the brightness was lowered beyond a detail threshold fifty-fifty alongside the Smooth Display setting turned on.

The Mountain View giant had as well as thus announced that it volition live rolling out an update to cook the upshot as well as brand the display function better, as well as that update is hold out here. Not that users inward Republic of Republic of India would care, since the Pixel iv never launched inward the country.

The update is piggybacking along alongside the Nov safety piece for the phones, whose piece notes province (as spotted past times 9to5Google) that it contains “Smooth Display improvements”. With this update, the display on the Pixel iv should remain on the 90Hz refresh charge per unit of measurement to a greater extent than reliably. The update reportedly likewise mentions photographic television set camera improvements, although just what it is that Google is improving on the photographic television set camera forepart isn’t just obvious thus far to people who accept access to the Pixel 4.

Regardless, it’s proficient to come across Google trying to cook the 90Hz display issues on the Pixel iv inward a decently-fast turn-around-time, peculiarly considering that it was 1 of the biggest features of the Pixel 4, later the cameras failed to print people (telephoto over ultra-wide? Really?), as well as the Soli radar gestures remain slightly gimmicky as well as non most every bit exciting every bit nosotros were all hoping they would be.